Using research based educational practices and methods, FAZ provides reliable, high quality care to your child in a friendly and nurturing setting that embraces diversity in culture and language.


Each day for your infant is filled with many firsts. Your infant will be nurtured and stimulated by our highly trained staff, promising a smooth and comfortable transition from home.


Now that your child can walk and run, our toddler room has much to offer! We'll guide and encourage your toddler through these critical years of social, emotional, and cognitive development.


Who, What, When, Where and Why? Your preschooler is expanding their speech and views of the world around them. With guidance from our imaginative teachers and structure from our creative curricula your preschooler will lay the groundwork for their future reading and writing skills.

Brightwheel Keeps You Connected

We use Brightwheel to help you stay connected with your children throughout the day. You can see what your children did during their stay, access assessments and even handle billing directly trough the app. Learn More >

Our Approach to Learning

Teaching Strategies Logo

FAZ partners with Teaching Strategies to provide innovative and effective curricula and assessments for your children. Teaching Strategies helps our teachers make learning exciting and relevant for your child. Learn More >



At the time of your child's enrollment, FAZ uses the Early Screening Inventory-Revised (ESI-R) for preschoolers or the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) for infants and toddlers to inform us about your child's development and needs.


Each day, our staff uses Teaching Strategies GOLD to collect observations of your child's interactions and work samples to track their development in Language, Literacy, Mathematics, Social-Emotional, Physical, Cognitive, Science, Technology, Social Studies and Art.


FAZ uses the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) to understand the quality of interactions between our staff and children and the Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale-Revised (ECERS-R) to measure the quality of our learning environments.

Additional Educational Services

Montessori Manipulatives

Our collection of sensory materials allow children to work independently in an environment that facilitates learning new concepts such as visual perception, visual discrimination of length and size, tactile sense, color awareness and appreciation, equivalency, congruency, and similarity.

Little Pim

Children at FAZ learn French, Spanish, and Arabic words, phrases, and sentences through animation and interactivity in our Little Pim language program. In an increasingly global community, we believe that learning new languages, especially during the most critical years for language development, is beneficial for children in the long run. Learn More >

Music for Life Kids

Music for Life Kids' goal is to encourage the love of music and enhance it in a happy and patient but structured environment. In addition to learning classical music, students will learn many life lessons; patience, sensitivity, discipline, appreciation and flexibility. Learn More >


JumpBunch brings sports to young children in a fun, engaging way. From the music to the activities and the equipment, every aspect of JumpBunch has been researched to be both fun and beneficial to the development of young minds and bodies. Learn More >

Little People's Creative Workshop

Little People’s Creative Workshop® has developed a time-tested dance program to introduce, guide, and nurture your child’s creativity. Dance and theater are universal languages to which all children can relate. We give them a chance to experience performance in a fun and loving atmosphere among their peers. Learn More >

Soccer Shots

Children build character, learn teamwork and the joy of being active through Soccer Shots’ “Three C’s” — coaching, communication, and curriculum. Learn More >